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One Way

Hillsong United

Rock rythme 2 - Guitare & Liturgie

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Accords de guitare folk ou classique !

Intro :   Si  Sol#m7  Fa#  Mi

Si                                             Sol#m7

_I lay my life down at Your feet,_Cause You're the only one I need

Fa#                                                          Mi

_I turn to You and You are always there.

Si                                                 Sol#m7

_In troubled times it's You I seek, _I put You first that's all I need

Fa#                                      Mi

_I humble all I am all to You               


Si                Fa#   

_One way,_Jesus                     

Sol#m7                                   Mi

_   You're the only one that I could live for !

Si             Fa#       

_One Way,_Jesus       

Sol#m7                                       La       

_       You're the only one that I could live for 


Chorus:    Sol#m7  Mi  Sol#m7  Mi


Si                                                 Sol#m7

_You are always, always there, _Every how and everywhere

Fa#                                                                   Mi   

_Your grace abounds so deeply within me.

Si                                                Sol#m7

_You will never ever change, _Yesterday today the same

Fa#                                                Mi  

_Forever till forever meets no end.


Refrain x 2


                  Si                                   Fa#

Pont:        You are the Way the Truth and the Life     

                     Sol#m7                       Mi                       Sol#m7          

                 We live by    faith and not by sight… for You

                             Fa#                 Mi

                 We're living all for You !(bis)


Refrain   x 2                   coda : Si